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Salama Odyssey
A Creole music and dance Celebration

Following their debut, sold out feel-great show about their Creole roots, Salama is back with a suitcase full of colourful stories and songs as they embark on a soulful journey where they explore with humour their origins, culture, friendships, and ultimately, who they are. Embark on a sunny musical experience with a Creole twist, in their captivating rhythms, joyful chants and vibrant island moves. 


Salama band is a cosmopolitan collective of Indian Ocean natives and other artists of diverse origins, all sharing a passion for Maloya, a traditional percussion-based music from Reunion Island, which finds its roots in the island's complex and painful history. Today Maloya is associated with ancestry, being Creole and blissful freedom. Salama is fortunate to be pioneering in the sharing of the powerful and magical Maloya in Australia. The comrades in and outside of Maloya proudly bring original musical shows, skillfully blending the traditional and modern, and sharing stories of joy and nostalgia and everything in between.